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Full Day Sandbar Party with Watertoys

Quick Details

Full Day Charter 6 Hours

Join us!

Enjoy a full day on a Hudson river sand bar. Start off this excursion with a sail to the location followed by a tender ride into the sand bar. There you will be greeted with our inflatable floating dock outfitted with comfortable chairs and couch, of course Yeti cooler in middle! Water toys will include paddle boarding, kayaking, tubing on “Big Mable” , even waterskiing behind our powerful yacht tender.

A large propane grill that will be “sand spiked” in the river for your grilling pleasure! An explosive JBL UB4100 stadium sound bar will allow you to play your favorite music and keep the PARTAY going ! You bring food and beverage. Water and ice will be supplied.

Guaranteed to be the highlight of your Hudson valley experience!